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Thalassa Thalassa

"Thalassa Thalassa" means "the sea, the sea" in Greek. It is a quote from the book Anabasis by Xenophon. It was shouted by the Greek soldiers when they finally saw the Black Sea from Mount Theches.

It is also the title of a series of sea/beach sketches by artist Roger NewbrookThis link opens in a new tab. The pictures are created in situ (in the UK and abroad). They are created using an iPad app called PaperThis link opens in a new tab. The prints are available as limited edition prints (50 per design). The images are 10x8" and printed on photographic paper. They are window mounted in a standard sized 11x14" acid-free, hayseed mount with backing board. Each print is signed and numbered.

They are £30 each or 3 for £80 (plus P+P). Contact us for further details. We ship internationally.

Eastbourne Beach by Roger Newbrook Eastbourne Beach

Beyond the Beach Deck - Eastbourne Beach

Cobalt Day by Roger Newbrook Cobalt Day

Cobalt Sky - North Shields

North Sea Looking South by Roger Newbrook North Sea Looking South

North Sea Looking South - Tynemouth

Red Groyne by Roger Newbrook Red Groyne

From North to South Groyne - North Shields

Imagined Seascape by Roger Newbrook Imagined Seascape

Improvisation #1

Grameno Beach by Roger Newbrook Grameno Beach

The figure on the Rocks - Grameno Beach

Turquoise Day by Roger Newbrook Turquoise Day

Turquoise Day

Still by Roger Newbrook Still


Misty Horizon by Roger Newbrook Misty Horizon

Misty Horizon - Gavdos

The blue umbrella by Roger Newbrook The blue umbrella

The blue umbrella

The windy sea by Roger Newbrook The windy sea

The windy sea

The striped bag by Roger Newbrook The striped bag

The striped bag

The village from the sea by Roger Newbrook The village from the sea

The village from the sea

The island, far away by Roger Newbrook The island, far away

The island, far away

The lapping waves by Roger Newbrook The lapping waves

The lapping waves

The rocks by the water's edge 2 by Roger Newbrook The rocks by the water's edge 2

The rocks by the water's edge 2

Becalmed by Roger Newbrook Becalmed


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